Tamil Community Center Project

Tamil Sangam is actively working on buying a land for Tamil sangam in both VA and MD areas to have a community Center which includes Library, Party hall, Class rooms, Recreation rooms etc. Board formed a committee to do feasibility study and got the report. Based on the assessment, Board decided to form a two committees one for VA and another one for MD to implement this project. One common committee to raise the required funding for both project. Currently, the Tamil Sangam board agreed to allocate the fund evenly to both locations. The approximate budge is 300K for each location. The total required fund (600K) to be raised from public and various donors to complete this important project.

Benefits of our own Community Center

  • A common shelter for the Washingtown Area Tamil families to gather, educate, entertain, meet friends and support each other
  • This will fulfill the need of a physica address for The Tamil Sangam of Greater Washington.
  • Place to conduct small size community events and meeting points for Tamil Community.
  • All kind of Tamil activities are free similar to local library.
  • Tamil Schools can us this for free for any kind of meetings
  • Tamil Schools and other trainings/classes/workshop can be conducted here.
  • A place for our children to receive their education and learn other arts.
  • A place for our parents, elders, visiting families to socialize, share, laugh and enjoy..
  • A binding and belonging factor for our community to strengthen our culture and heritagge.

Events Timeline

09/06/2016: Report Submitted to the Board for Review. (Initial Feasibility Report)
06/01/2016: Thendral Mullai , Newsletter, facebook announcement. (Article to Public)
05/16/2016: Feasibility Committee had a first meeting. (First meeting)
05/08/2016: Community Center Feasibility Study Committee Formed by identifying members from VA & MD. (Initial Committee)
04/08/2016: Initial Thoughts Document
Facebook & Initial Community Center awareness postings Msg-1 Msg-2 Msg-3 Msg-4 Msg-5