Rules :

  1. Minimum 5 participants are required in a group,
    5 mins slot – group of min 5 participants
    10 mins slot – group of min 10 participants.
    No group will be allowed for more than 10 mins slot.
  2. It is the coordinator’s responsibility to check EVERY PARTICIPANT MUST BE 2018 TAMIL SANGAM MEMBER, or MUST PAY NON-MEMBER DONATION OF $25/family/event.
    Last date to renew 2018 membership or pay non-member donation is June 15,2018.
  3. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Last Date: June 10,2018. But we may close the registration if we get enough registrations.
  4. Audio / transcripts must be emailed to last day to send the song/dialog for performance is June 15, 2018. Your registration will be excluded from the list, if we don’t receive the SCRIPT/mp3 by June 15, 2018.
  5. Language/lyrical content/attire must be appropriate for all ages, must adhere to Tamil tradition and should not be hurtful to any section of people/group/ethnicity.
  6.  The program committee will review whether the song/program is at anticipated quality and will confirm by June15, 2018.
  7.  Every participant will be allowed only one performance on stage with the intention of
    giving a fair opportunity to everyone. GUEST APPEARANCE IS ALSO NOT ALLOWED.
  8. Please note that this is very important rule and will be strictly followed. On July 7th, every coordinator will be notified their backstage reporting time, if the team missed to report during that time slot, they will be excluded to perform on that day.
  9. One person/Dance school can register maximum of 10 mins slot.

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Last Date: June 10,2018