Welcome, Members of the Tamil Sangam of Greater Washington

Would you like to know the following data:

– Average hours of experience in the Health Care field for direct BS/MD acceptance?
– Average hours of volunteer/extra-curricular to show a strong interest in a field?
– Average number of essays written by 12th graders applying for ten highly selective colleges?

The college application process is highly personal, and information does not get passed to friends and families.
You will hear where a student got accepted, but what about essay topics, stories, majors, minors, which activities were highlighted? What aspects of students’ life was presented in the essays?

In this exclusive live webinar, I will show you behind the scenes of Indian family’s households when their kids are applying to colleges. Their emotions, process, mistakes, and lessons learned along the way.

By the end of this session, you will learn the importance of planning for the College Application.

Common Activities that kids take part in among Indian Families typically include – Dance, Music, Singing, Piano, Takewando, School clubs, few sports.

How can your child stand out when everyone is doing similar activities?

I will break down the process with data and showcase how one should approach college admissions and how families approach the process when they apply on their own.

Guest: Raghuram Sukumar. Raghu is the Founder of HappySchools.com and a Full-Time College, Career Coach, and Higher Education Blogger/Social Media Influencer. He worked as Software Engineer for over a decade after Grad School. He’s published 3500+ blog posts and has over 250,000 social followers. In addition, he has successfully helped High School students get into Top Universities in the US.

Time: Saturday, Feb 5, 2022, 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (the US and Canada)

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